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The Fabulous Logic Analyzer

So one of my current projects is a buffer circuit to work with the TFLA-01 software.

This is a software 8-channel Logic Analyzer with a sample rate of up to 1MHz, that works on any Linux or Windows computer that just happens to also have a DB-25 parallel port. (what? a PARALLEL PORT?). well anyway. I just designed a PCB and had it fabricated by and they sent along a duplicate board, so if anyone is interested to build one along with me, let me know and I can get the board to you.

Squishy Circuits

So I found This Website the other day while searching for quick small projects. This site provides recipes for conductive and insulating "play dough" that you can build simple circuits out of. I'm going to cook up a couple batches tonight and start playing around with it, and I'll try to remember to bring some to the Saturday build so you can all take a look and play with it yourself.

ECE stock room website.

last night at the mini-meetup it seemed like a lot of you were interested in what the universities electrical engineering stock room had to offer for parts.

here's a link to their website
this shows the hours that they are open and a somewhat ancient inventory list showing most of what Brent has available, and generally what the price is going to be.

NOTE: they only accept cash or check, so be ready for that.

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