We have filed our papers

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Just to let you know we finally have our papers filed with the State of Montana!

Bozeman Makerspace : The Corporation

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by SaintMeh on Fri, 08/05/2011 - 04:58

Awww.... you guys could have held off for Sept 19th's talk like a pirate day. Then we'd both be incorporated on the same day. Eh, well whatever. More parties this way.

We also put in the paperwork to get our 501 (c) 3 a little over 7 months ago so it should be going through shortly. It only costs $20 to be tax-exempt in the state... but It costs $450 to be federally tax exempt. We're "academic"? Eh... I guess so. ^_^

Did you sign up with Mt Nonprofit Association? We didn't... but it might be worth it. MNA provides hookups to pro-bono lawyers and accountants + it gives some workshops on how to better raise funding.

What do you think of kickstarter.com? I think it's kinda scammy, but I might give it a whirl anyways.

Anyways, when we get our tax-exempt status, we should be able to shelter larger donations to the Bozeman Makerspace. That way, you can offer your larger sponsors a 30% non-refundable tax-back donation. In the mean time, we can still accept as if we were a 501 (c) 3... but I don't want to try to be an umbrella for you guys until we have all the paperwork finalized.

We also DBA Montana Advanced Robotics and Computer Science if you worry about MEH's cute name affecting sponsorship.

Also, we've been using Inventoria for our inventory now. It's better than our home-roll. Might save you guys a bit of trouble to look into.

Have you checked out the wikispace?


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