The Fabulous Logic Analyzer

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tfla pcb

So one of my current projects is a buffer circuit to work with the TFLA-01 software.

This is a software 8-channel Logic Analyzer with a sample rate of up to 1MHz, that works on any Linux or Windows computer that just happens to also have a DB-25 parallel port. (what? a PARALLEL PORT?). well anyway. I just designed a PCB and had it fabricated by and they sent along a duplicate board, so if anyone is interested to build one along with me, let me know and I can get the board to you.

just a quick overview of the design: the buffer circuit is designed to fit inside an Altoids tin with enough room left over for a 9V battery. Essentially it just consists of a SN74HC245 Octal buffer transceiver, for analyzing CMOS logic levels of 0-5V, with an optional MAX232 connection on 2 channels for measuring logic levels at +/- 12V (RS-232).

This is a pretty simple board with only a few parts to it, so it would be great for anybody who wants some soldering practice and a cheap, fun, useful tool for the workbench.
If you are interested at all, please let me know and I'll get you a Bill-o-materials, I'm afraid I only have enough parts for my board, so you would be on your own for that, however I'm putting together an order for sparkfun pretty soon, if you needed anything from there, we could pool resources and save on shipping costs.

Edit: oh yeah, and you need a real parallel port for this project. the parallel to usb dongle's just won't cut the mustard.

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