Feb 20th '14 : Raspberry Pi Night & Open Hack Night

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Pi Night
Feb 20th '14, 2014- 6:30 PM

Interested in the Single Board Computer called the Raspberry Pi? Learn all about this $35 hardware wonder at the Bozeman Makerspace Pi Night!

If you have your own pi, bring it along and show off what you have done with yours.

If you own a pi but don't know what to do next, bring it along and learn some of the awesome it can do. Learn how to install the operating system and connect it to some basic hardware.

We will be going over the basics of what the Raspberry Pi is, some cool hardware projects you can do with one, and maybe if we have enough interest create and give away some DIY GPIO header boards to make your interactions with the Pi a little more breadboard friendly.

All we need is enough interest and we can schedule the Pi night :)

For those unfamiliar with the Raspberry Pi, here is a link http://www.raspberrypi.org/


Open Hack Night
Feb 20th '14, 2014- 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Bring you own project to work on, or drop off some unwanted items (electronics, computers, lcd's, 3D printers, etc..)

Come to the Bozeman Makerspace that is open to the entire community. The space is open to the public from 6pm - 10pm for all to participate in discussions or work on projects.

RSVP and further details: http://www.meetup.com/bozemanmakers/


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