Intro to CAD with Fusion 360 - Sat June 2

1PM - 4PM
In this class we'll learn the basics of 2d and 3d computer-aided design (CAD) using Autodesk Fusion 360. If you took our first Fusion 360 class back in January, we'll have a few new designs to try.

Fusion 360 offers a free Start-up/Enthusiast license that can be installed using the directions on this page:

YOU WILL NEED to bring a computer with Fusion 360 already installed! Fusion 360 is a large download and there will not be time to set it up at the start of the class.

In the class we'll cover:
• 2D sketching tools
• Specifying dimensions
• Basics of parametric design
• Navigating 3D views
• Creating sketches on different 3D planes
• Building a simple 3-dimensional form from 2D sketches
• Exporting common file types

$20 class fee
$10 discounted fee for members of BMS

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