Mini-Meetup Tonight 7:00pm @ Tarantino's Pizzeria

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Yes my friends it is once again time for our biweekly Bozeman Makers mini-meet.

We are hosting biweekly mini meets for the Bozeman Makerspace. Come for festive discussions with fellow makers from around the Gallatin Valley. Beyond the typical ramblings about electronics, fire, and building cool stuff, we want to hear about your projects. We would love to have everyone with interest attend!

This week we would like to discuss...

  • Your ideas and input!
  • Open Build Night (Updated on location search & ideas)
  • Membership Drive (Winter 2011)
  • Fund raising goals for 2011-2012 and beyond
  • Group Part Order requests (Digi-key, Sparkfun, etc..)
  • Website / Wiki Status

For full details and/or to RSVP visit our Meetup page here!

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