Saturday Oct 21st - Arduino Basics Class

Rob will be going over some of the basic operations of Arduino development boards and the Arduino IDE. We will be tackling some simple things like LEDs, buttons, breadboards, and the basics of Arduino programming.

The class will run from 1 to 3, but if you would like to stay and tinker, we will be around until 4 or so.

• Makerspace members - free 

• Non-members - $10 (collected day of class) 

The Makerspace has several loaner Arduino boards that attendees are welcome to use. If you have your own Arduino, please bring it along. Also, if you have a laptop (with a USB port) bring that along as well. 

The Arduino programming application can be downloaded from

If you are looking to purchase an Arduino before the class, you can find them on SparkFun or Amazon. If you would like to get a kit with a bunch of sensors, switches, and projects, the SparkFun Inventor's Kit is a good choice. Locally in Bozeman, Radio Shack may still carry the Arduino Uno, but I'm not positive.

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