Friday Makers Update

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Welcome to the second Friday Makers Update for our Bozeman MakerSpace. Every Friday we will be providing various updates to where we are in the process of growing our MakerSpace. We will also include fun projects you can do at home, and links to other happenings that may be of interest in our surrounding community.

Upcoming Meetups

We will be meeting on Saturday April 30th @ 12:00pm at the Homepage Cafe. Feel free to join our Meetup, or just stop by and say hello. Please feel free to provide any feedback so that we better understand what times and dates work best for you.

Projects of the week

A couple fun project ideas have been submitted by fellow makers in our group since our last update. Because of this I would like to feature one of them, and since our Meetup will be held on Saturday, I'm going to hold off posting any project idea in hopes that I can get one of those makers to put together a post. If they are a bit shy, I'll post a fun little project you can do with your kids (when the weather behaves) instead.

Growing our numbers

Our group has grown and is nearing the 20 (18 to date) member mark.


Your feedback is vital! For the next few weeks, we would like to gather any small project ideas that our members would like to share.

Well that about wraps it up for this Friday Makers Update. Check out for some fun hacking ideas!

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