Huxley 3D Printer for $550

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eMaker is doing a crowdfunding for a second run of discounted RepRap Huxley 3D printer kits. Huxley is a smaller 3rd-generation RepRap.

I looked at building a RepRap back in 2008, but it was still so cutting edge that I shied away from the complexity. With Huxley, it looks like a much more accessible project. I grabbed one of the first round kits.

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by zenno on Wed, 06/15/2011 - 13:03
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by gschoep on Thu, 06/23/2011 - 22:33

It is so last year to build someone else's design. Lets build one ourselves from scratch!

All we need is some old printers.... they have stepper motors and very precise rails for XYZ movement. Anyone have 6 of the same old printer?

And I bet we could make a really nice printer for $550 even without using recycled parts.

Gary Schoep

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by zenno on Tue, 06/28/2011 - 22:14

I sure hope a thousand folks start 3D printing objects of all shapes and colors...

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by zenno on Wed, 07/06/2011 - 12:43

They now are printing custom chocolate shapes :)

by Saint from "Meh" on Fri, 07/15/2011 - 11:00

Hey! Looks awesome!
Actually your whole site has gotten more and more awesome!

Kinda makes me feel bad about our site at
We should really just improve it a little. I'll add a forum... maybe that will help?

Perhaps, when you're taking membership dues you can buy these things more easily. Do you think that we can team up for joint grants? Intercity grants are a more than twice the size either of us would get, and our talent pool to get the grant would be extended significantly as well. I'm looking to keep my hackerspace as independent as possible, so my grant options are very limited. Do you have a letter of intent yet? We have a preliminary one.

We also have some trouble, at Meh, buying things we want. We want a laser cutter... but we have to get more space first :(. The 2600 video on how to start a hackerspace said that sometimes it just takes a little personal financial investment from each charter member to get things rolling. I would like to buy a Huxley Seedling Kit. I'm tired of making CNCs from CD drives. What does a Seedling cost? What does a Huxley cost if you build most the parts from a Seedling? Can we make our own plastic from PET? Is that more efficient? Can we sell discounted plastic to other hackerspaces? If we use recycled plastic, can we use that point to help get future grant $? Many questions.

I agree that we both need 3D printers. We could make it into a light-hearted competition! Whoever raises the most money for this, gets to make the seedling. We both try to raise money through the month of August. During that time, we check with each other every Monday(except the first) to see how much money we have combined together. Once we have enough COMBINED money to make a Huxley Seedling+(parts for a second Huxley), the winner makes and keeps the seedling and the "loser" gets a Huxley made from it! No one really loses!

I know the plan isn't perfect, but it's a good initial idea. We would need people to put together plans that they think would be fair for both the "winner" and "loser" of the competition. I suggest that the loser doesn't get a Huxley if they contributed less than the extra parts to make one. But the losing team should get the full month to come up with the money to pay for the extra parts to build a Huxley from a Huxley Seedling.

Perhaps we could make you one and both of us could benefit?

Anyways I sent another guy your way. A Walter N. From your local Linux User Group. Please be on the look out for geeks in Helena for MEH as well.

Last night we played with Nitinol. I made a tie that moves. Another person made another name-plate for "Meh."(Even though she was allergic to Titanium). One made a spring for his robot. Two just fidgeted with it trying to decide what they were doing with it. I am sooo... tired. The night before NaguCon(our next Anime Convention), we're making controllable Kitty Ears ^_^. I better work on my research for the Business Plan. I'm trying to keep us independent while still growing our space.

It's okay if you're not ready to do the competition. Getting a space might be your single priority. I hope that someday, you guys and MEH can do(hopefully friendly) competitions. Later we can team together for larger competitions that small hackerspaces like us would normally struggle with. People can be hard to come by in Helena... but finances are *slightly* easier. You likely have an easier much easier time with People(University), but a harder time with money(college students aren't exactly rich).

Today we're playing with the MSF. On July 20th, our local LUG is teaching us about different Linux securities. I suggest you speak to your LUG. They haven't heard of you until now. I recommended you as best as I could! :-)

Whether it's a competition or a b2b synergy: Let's work together on building 3D printers! There's obvious synergy for both of us! I could also see some advantages in building CNCs together.

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