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The Bozeman MakerSpace is a non-profit Makerspace / Hackerspace in Bozeman, MT. If you have an interest in making, modding things, new technology, or just want to learn how things work, this is to be the place for you. Our makerspace is a community workshop combined with a meeting space where people of similar interests or skills can converge to create, modify, learn, talk and build. You don't need to be proficient with any tools, skill, computer, or even know how to solder. All you need to the desire to learn or teach.

What is a MakerSpace?

A Makerspace / Hackerspace allows groups of people to pool resources and create a community of people with varied interests. These interests may include but are definitely not limited to: circuitry, robotics, soldering, woodworking, fabricating, programming, networking, hacking, bending, etc.

New Here?

If you are new to the Bozeman Makerspace or just new to makerspaces in general, we encourage you to come on down for one of our Thursday Open Build Nights. You can bring a project along, or you can just come check out the space.

May 26th - Open Build Night

Open Build Night - 6 to 9 or so. 
Come down tonight for our weekly Open Build Night. 3D print a thing, hang out, saw some wood, discuss pyrotechnics, solder some other things, or dream of hoverbikes. Bring you own project to work on, or drop off some unwanted items (tools, electronics, computers, lcd's, 3D printers, etc..) The Bozeman Makerspace is open to the entire community.

May 19th

Come on down for Open Build Night. We'll be working on various projects and plans. If you need to use the 3D Printer or the Shapeoko, swing on by tonight. See you there.

May 12th - Open Build Night

Come on down for Open Build Night. We'll be working on various projects and plans. If you need to use the 3D Printer or the Shapeoko, swing on by tonight. See you there.

Help The Makerspace Level Up

We're gearing up to file for federal 501(c)3 status as a not-for-profit organization. Achieving this status will help the Bozeman Makerspace expand and grow our operations. As many of you know, these filings take time, patience, and money. The cost to the organization will be several hundred dollars, and we could use every extra cent to get us over the finish line. We've create a special fund in our Paypal to earmark funds specifically for this purpose. If would like pitch in a few bucks, please use the donate button below.

April 28th - Open Build

Come on down for Open Build Night. We'll be preparing projects for the Blunderbuss Faire coming up this weekend. If you want to set something up at the Bozeman Makerspace table, swing by this evening. See you there!

April 14th - Open Build Night

April 14th: Open Build Night- 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Come down tonight for our weekly Open Build Night.
3D Print something, hang out and talk shop, saw some things, solder that wondrous object that your friend broke while sleeping on your couch.
Bring you own project to work on, or drop off some unwanted items (tools, electronics, computers, lcd's, 3D printers, etc..)
Come to the Bozeman Makerspace that is open to the entire community. The space is open to the public from 6pm - 10pm for all to participate in discussions or work on projects.

Welcome your new Overlords!

The votes are in and your newly elected Bozeman Makerspace officers are...

President : Jon McCracken
Vice President : Joe Schwem
Secretary : Gary Schoep
Treasurer : Rob Lund

Over the next couple of weeks these guys will take over the daily operations of the Bozeman Makerspace. It has been a real thing over the past few years and I can't wait to see what our new overlords will do with the place. Make them feel welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a quick note that we will not be hosting an Open Build Night this coming Thursday the 27th... because it's Thanksgiving!

Make your family proud and hack your Turkey into some super beast that looks them in the eye as they chew.


Officer Elections soon! Nominations underway...

It's that time of year once again... Officer elections hooray!

Each and every year we must hold officer elections. This years election is going to be a different than years past. We are going to be offering an online voting process of some sort in order to get a better turnout, thanks Rob!

But before we hold elections, we MUST have nominations! All (4) officer positions are available.
President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer

All members should have received an email outlining what is going on. If we missed you, send an email to officers [ at ] and we will get the info email out to you asap.

The only restriction is that you MUST be an active member to hold any officer position.

Remember, it's YOUR makerspace ;) Nominate your friends/enemies. Campaign for/against your opponents or yourself. Get dirty, sling some mud...


Nov 14th: One Day Build - DIY Foam Cutter

Join us for our new monthly One Day Build series @ the Bozeman Makerspace. Once a month starting in November we will be building one thing in one day.

We plan on starting off easy for our first build, a DIY Foam Cutter. Why use a knife when you need to cut foam into a shape when you can use electricity and a wire. Super basic, super easy to build... I guess we will find out.

This particular build should result in a new toy for us all to utilize at the space.

Pizza and drinks will be provided (assuming you can eat, drink and build)

If you have other build ideas drop them in the comments below or stop by some Thursday evening during our Open Build Nights.

Space is limited so RSVP Here!


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