I've read but never tried this method of growing potatoes until now...

To get more potatoes - apparently way more - you essentially "stretch" the plant's root system out over the course of their growing cycle. And since the plants will produce potatoes wherever they have roots, more potatoes will result.

How do you "stretch" the plants? You keep burying the stalk, so that the buried portion puts out new roots.

Chicken Tractor

From the outset of this blog entry, I have to confess that this chicken tractor was a joint project between me and my husband. And when I say "joint", I mean that I came up with the general design and my husband implemented it. I almost hate to post it as my first entry, since I lamed out on in a considerable way on this particular project, but the chicken tractor ended up being so cool in the end, that I have to get it out there. Plus, I am going to finish off the rest of the project: nesting boxes with easy access to the eggs and wintertime (removable?) insulation.

Homeless speaker no more.

Ok so I have this high power 15" bass speaker, it's been homeless for almost two years. New, just never used.
The time came, so a cab I went a building.
1. sheet of cabinet grade 3/4" Birch ply.
2. Father in laws house.
3. Father in law with more tools than I can think of having room for.
4. an afternoon to kill.

Bozeman Makers Mini Meet!

Bozeman Makers Mini Meet

When: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 7:00 PM
Where: Bacchus Pub
103 West Main Street
Bozeman, MT 59715

Please take a moment to RSVP. For more details, see the full listing:

Prospective Projects for a Bozeman Makers Faire?

How about starting a list of projects we could build for a Bozeman Makers Faire?
(better known as the Bozeman Makers Library FlashMob)


I just put "Bozeman Makers Faire" on the web for the first time... That is surprising.

Maker Saturday : Soldering

Bring your soldering projects for help and training on through hole soldering. We will need practice bare boards if anyone has some extras for soldering practice.

Maker Saturday : Soldering
When: Saturday, June 18, 2011 12:00 PM @ A Members Garage
Where: 2720 Harris Street, Bozeman, MT 59718
Meetup details: RSVP Here

Project update

While I was assembling all the components required for my new project, I also found a cool new Android app: ElectroDroid . I've really only poked around so far, but it looks exceptionally groovy. The resistor calculator, op amp calculator, and 7400 pinout reference look amazingly useful. Looks much more convenient than flipping through my old electrical engineering textbook, and finally gives some justification for buying an expensive tablet PC.

ANYWAY, on with the projects!

Help name our MakerSpace!

Even though we do enjoy the Bozeman MakerSpace name, I think we can do better. We will be running a contest in a couple of months in order to officially select a name that will include some prizes for the most creative, funniest, and finally the selected name.

Post the name(s) you think we should consider when naming our makerspace in the comments below, or submit it via our feedback form here.

With summer quickly approaching and many of my own springtime projects not even started yet, I thought it was time to launch a new and improved website for the Bozeman MakerSpace. Now, not only is it a resource for what the our MakerSpace is planning, it's a resource that you can contribute and mold into your own liking.

Before, we ran a basic blog with upcoming event notices and basic ramblings.

Now by creating an account, you are free to:

  • Create your own Maker blog about you and/or your interests
  • Write an article about your latest hacking adventure or project you have been working on
  • Interact with fellow Makers in the greater Bozeman area
  • Submit feedback and let us know how to improve
  • Communicate using our forums
  • And much, much more!

Haako 936 ESD Solder Station - Get one if you can!

I was going to post a nice article about my favorite inexpensive soldering station, Haako 936 ESD, and found that it has been discontinued! It was replaced by a newer model in Feb 2011.

Haako 936 ESD


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