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Hey! I'm in Helena, but I love the idea of hackerspaces. I've started one up here in Helena, so if you know of people who would be interested, JOIN THEM UP!

We have 18 members here. Regularly we get about 8 to show up to Open Hack Night. We have 450 sq ft on Thursdays and 200 sqft otherwise.

I've been part of the world of computer science for over 15 years. Hacking from age 10 and programming from age 13(weird huh), MEH's zaniest computer specialist knows many ways around security. Now Saint looks to give back to the community. The person has experience as both a suit and a freelancer. Saint has programmed for large corporations, non-profits and Saint's personal company. Never a black hat, Saint always believes in the good-intentions of the brainy brothers known as nerds. Saint's other interests include: painting, playing a viola like a ukulele, anime, psychology, poetry and sculpting. If you have a computer question, this person can get you through it!

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I want to soon add the Bozeman makerspace to this :)

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